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One of my favorite pastime is to visit tattoo Festivals. The tattooed people and the closeness of the tattoo artists, the humming of tattoo machines have created a kind of addiction, I love the tattoo festivals! Here no one considered a criminal, because they are different than the average people! I attended 25 tattoo festivals and I have taken a huge number of pictures of tattoos and festivals.

5-Mondial du Tatouage Paris 2017


4-Mondial du Tatouage Paris 2016


6-International Brussels Tattoo Convention 2015


5-Tattoo Convention Rotterdam 2015


3-Mondial du Tatouage Paris 2015


10-Tattoo Convention Amsterdam 2014


2-Mondial du Tatouage Paris 2014


4-International Brussels Tattoo Convention 2013


8-Tattoo Kustom Festival Parmain 2013


9-Tattoo Convention Amsterdam 2013


1-Mondial du Tatouage Paris 2013


3-Tattoo Convention Rotterdam 2013


3-International Brussels Tattoo Convention 2012


7-Tattoo Expo Assen 2012


5-Tattoo Art Fest Paris 2011


1-International Tattoo Convention Budapest 2011


1-Tattoo Expo - Motorkiallitas Budapest 2011


1-International Brussels Tattoo Convention 2010


4-Tattoo Art Fest Paris 2010


1-Szegedi Nemzetkozi Tetovalo Fesztival 2010


4-Tattoo Convention Nantes 2009


3-Tattoo Art Fest Paris 2009


2-Tattoo Art Fest Paris 2008


4-Tattoo Convention Amsterdam 2008


3-Tattoo Convention Amsterdam 2007


8-International Tattoo Expo Roma 2007


12-International Tattoo Convention Milano 2007


7-International Tattoo Expo Roma 2006


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